Why Uganda?

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa due to its breathtaking scenery full of waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and parks that protect natural wildlife. Uganda’s growing economy attracts expats like Journalists, NGO workers, Diplomats, and people from financial sectors.

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In order to make the country more attractive for foreigners, In addition to the public schools, there are also 22 international schools which expats can easily access for their children. Makarere University, established in 1922 is one of the well-known and oldest universities in the country. The language of instruction is English and the university excels in medical care, agriculture, veterinary sciences and teacher training courses.

Rich Culture and History

Uganda is a bilingual country, as the official languages are English and Swali. However, there are 41 living languages in the country, that makes it culturally colorful. What’s more about Uganda’s rich culture is the unique historical sites. For example, Kasubi Tombs is the burial ground of Baganda Royal Family and is an outstanding example of traditional architecture. The only remaining temple in Africa for the Baha i Faith is the Baha i Temple, located in Uganda. Grabbing the attention of many photographers and visitors, it sits on a green site that is said to relive stress.

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There are 47 aerodromes in the country, including an international airport. In addition, the government plans to build five others to boost tourism and trade. In 2019, the government revived Uganda National Airlines to support the growing aviation industry in the country. The government is also investing in improving water transport infrastructure to enhance passenger and cargo traffic movement. Railway infrastructure is also upgraded from the meter gauge trail to the standard gauge.

It is projected that oil production in the country will start in 2025, and it is expected that production may reach 230,000 barrels per day. The news about the oil industry motivated government bodies to finish oil roads before 2025, to support production.

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Ugandan cuisine has been influenced by English, Arab, and Asian cuisines. Specifically, it is very common to find touches of Indian cuisine in Ugandan dishes with masalas and curry powder. Dishes in the country widely include tropical fruits, vegetables, potatoes, and bananas. The most famous dish is “Matoke.” It is prepared with green bananas, stewed chicken, and many different spices. Grilled dishes are also an important part of Uganda’s street food culture. You can came across many food stalls serving grilled meat.

There is no doubt that Uganda’s coffee beans are famous around the world, and you can enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee in its country of origin. If you are a coffee-afficiando, you should try The Robusta and Arabica varieties in Uganda.

Natural Beauty

Uganda is a place for nature lovers, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Queen Elizabeth National Park is where you can come across elephants, leopards, lions, and hippos. Murchinson Falls is another location to see natural wildlife and admire the beautiful waterfall that sends around 300 cubic meters per second of water. Uganda also has nice trails, such as Bwindi Forest, which takes 3 to 7 hours to hike.

Rwenzori Mountain chain is also located in western Uganda and is among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most challenging and exciting destinations to trek. It can take between 2-12 days to trek Rwenzori.


Uganda has a lot to offer, from a vibrant nightlife culture to safaris if you are searching for a unique experience. You can find different nightlife activities ranging from salsa nights to live music shows on different days and times. Centenary Park and Acacia avenue are locations where you can find bars, pubs, and restaurants to live the night. With a safari, you can see Uganda’s vegetation, endangered wildlife, and natural beauty at a glance.

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